Within its wide boundaries, culture creates written and visual reflection areas for itself. As the reflection area expands through time, space and nature, it becomes richer, and as it gets richer, it needs to be appreciated. The cultural reflection of historical accumulation leaves us in front of an immense mirror.
In its fourth meeting, Symposium on Asian Languages and Literatures is inviting you to read cultures via texts produced in the Asian geography. Between 2–4 February, 2017, in Aurangabad, India, you are also invited to explore and investigate the reflections of a joy of a birth, a funeral ritual, a merriness of a melody, the taste of a meal on the texts that Asia has accumulated throughout its history.


The Symposium will be open to disciplines such as Language, Literature, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Theology, History, History of Arts and Multidisciplinary Studies. Abstracts are welcome in the following topic strands or other related topics:


Language and Multilingual Community
Multicultural Society and Language Diversity
Comparative Language, Literature and Cultural Studies
Language, Culture and Translation
Role of English and Asian Languages in Globalised Contexts
Language, Identity and Culture
Multilingualism and Language Policy


Understanding Culture through Literary Texts
The Relationship between Time, Space and Culture
Impact of Literature on Changing Aspects of Culture
Cultural Conflicts in Post-colonial Literature


Fields of Cultural Interaction
Popular Culture
Representations of Culture and Identity in Social Media
Material Culture
Immigrant Culture
Ethnic Identity and Minority Culture
Refugees and Forced Migration
Diaspora Culture
The Impact of Body Politics on Culture
Social Gender and Culture
Multinationality in Contemporary Societies
Identity and Multiculturalism
Myths, Symbols and Signs
Traditions, Customs and Rituals
Culture in the Process of Modernisation
Food and Cuisine in Culture
Collective Memory
Museums, Libraries and Collections as Cultural Archive Resources
Interaction between Culture and Religion
Understanding Culture through Visual and Performance Arts
Ethnic Fashion
Ethnical Orientations in Contemporary Fashion Design
Intercultural Communication
Media and Culture
Understanding Culture through Classical Texts
Cultural Changes in History
Discussions on Identity, History, Culture and Nationalism


Abstracts for poster and paper presentations will be accepted.


  • Abstracts must be submitted online via the official website of the symposium: http://ades.erciyes.edu.tr.
  • Abstracts should be written in English. Explanation regarding the language of the presentation is given below under the subheading “Presentation”.
  • The title for the abstract should include max 12 words.
  • Abstracts should be between 100 and 300 words.
  • Abstracts should be followed by 3 to 6 keywords.
  • Abstracts should not be published or presented elsewhere before.
  • The deadline for abstract submission is 10 October, 2016.
  • Abstracts that are accepted will be announced on 24 October, 2016 at the symposium official website.


  • The registration fee is 200 USD, and it includes symposium kit, coffee breaks, proceedings, lunches, welcome and farewell dinners, a day-trip to Aurangabad and Ajanta Caves.
  • The registration fee for residents of the host country is 100 USD, and it excludes a day-trip to Aurangabad and Ajanta Caves.
  • For abstracts with two or more authors, the registration fee should be paid by each author attending the symposium.
  • Authors who will present more than one paper will also pay for each paper separately.
  • Details about registration fee payment methods will be announced later.
  • The deadline for payment of registration fee is 18 November, 2016.


  • The duration for each presentation is 15 minutes. A 5-minute Q&A (question and answer) session will follow each presentation.
  • Papers can be presented in Turkish or English. There will also be some special sessions for National/Regional languages.
  • No translation facility will be provided for the presentations.
  • Session rooms will be equipped with a computer and a projector.
  • Participants will be given a certificate of presentation or participation.

Travel and Accommodation

  • The expenses for transportation (local and international) and accommodation are to be paid by participants. Detailed information and recommendations about these issues will be uploaded at the symposium official website.

Publication of Papers

  • Full papers presented at the Symposium should be written in APA style (6th Edition).
  • Deadline for the submission of full papers is 6 March, 2017.
  • Full papers will be published with ISSN as proceedings.
  • All full papers will be evaluated by the Advisory Board and the ones that are selected will be published by an international publishing company as a book.


10 October, 2016             Deadline for Submission of Abstracts

24 October, 2016             Announcement of Accepted Abstracts

26 November, 2016         Deadline for the Payment of Registration Fee

2-4 February, 2017          Symposium

6 March, 2017                  Deadline for the Submission of Full Papers

For further information or questions, please contact Ali Küçükler, Sainath Vithal Chaple or Erdem Erinç.


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