Phool Chand Singh

Dr P C Singh is a senior professor of Russian and at present offering his services as head of the department of English & Modern European Languages, University of Allahabad (A Central University) Uttar Pradesh, India. After having completed his primary and higher secondary school education from the district of Jaunpur (UP), he joined the integrated five year programme of M A in Russian in 1975 in the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He completed his M A in Russian in 1980 with specialization in language and literature which earned him a permanent teaching position in the historic university of Allahabad in 1981. Prof Singh became associate professor in 1995 and professor in 2003. He participated and presented papers in at least sixty national and international conferences/seminars/ symposiums held in India as well as abroad. He has written almost ten leading articles in the field of Indo-Russian folklore, literature and cultural studies and published them in the top academic journals of India. Dr Singh has also translated a few stories of Chekhov and Bunin from Russian into Hindi and also published them. In 1984, he went to Moscow for one month summer course and successfully participated in a ten month course of Stazhirovka from Pushkin State Academy of Russian Language in 1986. He is specialized in Russian language and literature, he also has deep interest in the Indian folklore especially Aalha, and script and dialogue writing in Hindi. He is a member of various academic bodies.