Aurangabad is an important city in the state of Maharashtra, India. It sees a lot of international tourist traffic due to world heritage sites, Ajanta & Ellora caves. Aurangabad, a dream destination of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, founded in 1610, is known today, as one of the four important cities in Maharashtra. The city is heading towards rapid industrial growth, but retains its past glory and charms, heritage and traditions. Conspicuously seen on the Deccan plateau, it has a rich culture and a plethora of magnificent arts on display.

The beauty of the globe is known through its nature, the culture and its people. The world is known for its various people living together with different culture, multi cuisine and its awesome creation to make this earth a beautiful destination to live with. Across the world the cultural sites of every society has embarked its impressions over the civilizations. It is the only place where the minds come together to construct it with a vision. Ancient civilizations had impressed the creative societies across the world to create and develop a better place for life to survive. The argumentative nature of human makes this possible without entertaining the elements of destruction, which is human instinct. Ancient civilization has set a benchmark by creating important associations of art forms with the human development, be it with art and architecture or political and cultural, it has nurtured human life and leads it to development.

India is an ancient civilization. The historicity of the land can be traced from the Haddapa and Mohanjedaro civilization. A land of multi culture and it has its history be it in a form of invasion, destruction and reconstruction. The richness of the land is known through its literary and cultural development. The great epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata have proved its stance in the world of classicality. The contribution in the field of science and technology, mathematics health sciences and performing arts have taken this land to heights of intellectual civilization of the world. In this beautiful land of ancient civilization the state of Maharashtra has carved its impressions after independence. The cities of this gifted state have contributed in the development of the nation through its culture, the industrial development and service to humanity.

This city Aurangabad was established by Malik Ambar, in 1610 A.D, on a site known as Kharki. This city is named after Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb. It was called Fatehpur before it took its present name. This city is gateway to the World Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora caves. The best example of the creativity for the world is in the forms of the painting and sculpture. Ajanta is known for its Buddhist murals and this world heritage site recently has a feather in its cap with the replica of certain important caves created for the study and research. This replica has a show of the making of the Ajanta. The caves have its own beauty along with the replica which takes us on a journey to the period when it is made. The Ellora caves have Hindu, jian and Buddhist caves. The sculpture narrating the stories of the mythologies are making the land intellect and people wise. Apart from this, Aurangabad Caves are the Buddhist caves adjoin to the university campus again proving the creative sensibility of the people of the land. The city has celebrated its four hundredth year of its existence; all these caves are the testimony of at least 1000 years of history. The Mughal architecture has carved its niche in the development of the creativity of the city. With the Bibi Ka Maqbara replica of the Tajmahal also called as the Taj of Deccan. It rejoices the love for mother in the form of awesome architectural structure.   The evidence of the cities historicity can be traced through the Panchakki . a scientific innovation for grinding the grains for a large number of students. The Daultabad fort, where Tughlaq had shifted his capital from Delhi to Daultabad, is confirming the construction of the fort, which was from the Devgiri dynasty. The saints and sufis existence on this land proves its faith in logic and rationale. From Paithan to Khultabad the Saints and Sufis have blessed the land for the rationality and logic. The soil of the region has produced a large number of saints and social reformers like Sant Gyaneshwar, Sant Eknath, etc.

The city has been a nursery for grooming literary personalities like Wali Dakhni, Siraj Aurangabadi, Laxmi Narayan Shafique; Sikander Ali Wajd, Quazi Salim, Bashar Nawaz and it has provided a stage to the revolutionary political thinkers like Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who has built a hub of educational institutes for the society seeking for the knowledge , Shri Govind Bhai Shroff and Dr. Rafiq Zakaria also followed the path of Dr. Ambedkar developed educational institutes across the city. In fact the city has medical, dental, homeopathy colleges with engineering, management and Hotel management institute to impart modern education to the people. The university with 52 different post graduate and research centre of various discipline ranging from humanities , social science, science, law, sports and technology contributing in the growth of the nation.

To understand this city, it has beautiful museums Sunheri Mahal Museum, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and History Museum at the University. These museums are the housing art treasure of the region.

The industrial development of the city has its roots in the history itself. The Himroo shawl and Paithani sarees have always being loved fabric of the people for the festive occasions. The industrial growth with three industrial sectors at Chikalthana, Waluj and Shendra speaks of the convenient destination for the development of the manufacture and transportation. Automobile industries like Skoda and Bajaj pharmaceutical industries like Wokhadrt and various beverage productions lead the city to contribute in make in India project. The growth of infrastructure is the prime source of development of the city. Aurnagabad is listed among the new plan of the central government for smart city.

Aurangabad, better known as the City of Gates or the Heart of Maharashtra is situated in the centre of the state adjoin the boundaries with Nashik, Pune Vidharbha and Marahtwada, surrounded by hills on all the four sides, it boasts of mesmerizing scenery.

Aurangabad is visited by a large number of tourists every year, who come here to explore its architecture, and find a better place to stay in the five star hotels. The hotel industry has marked its place in the tourist arena. The connectivity with air, train and road makes this city a place to be associated with the rest of the world.

The huge sports complex and sports facility has given place for players in the national squad. The medical facility has developed the health tourism in the city with multi special hospitals and better facility with a dynamic and energetic team of specialized doctors. The infrastructure is so cozy that the intellectuals are happy to have seminars and academic discussions in the city.

Apart from this the city has a rich cultural taste. The various dance academies have their performances in the various theatres. The art connoisseurs have their space for exhibitions. The performing art has nurtured many artists and trains the budding learners with the facility.

The town planning and its development plan will surely make this city a better destination for intellectual and innovative expression across the world. A land of knowledge and commitment of the people will surely take a leap in making the destination a prime location in the world.

Aurangabad by Air

Aurangabad has its own Chikalthana airport distance of merely 11 km from the city of Aurangabad. Chikalthana Airport is equipped with all the modern facilities (airport code: IXU). You can take direct flights from Mumbai to Aurangabad, Delhi and Hyderabad to Aurangabad as they operate on regular intervals.

Air India and Jet Airways have a number of regular Direct flights from Mumbai, Delhi & Hyderabad to Aurangabad. The nearest international airports are Mumbai and Pune.


Flights to Aurangabad


  • Air India AI 442, AI864, AI635, AI348, AI806, AI809, AI 677
  • Jet Airways – 9W7148, 9W-313
  • Timing round a clock



New Delhi to Aurangabad mostly flights comes via Mumbai. Direct flight is very few

  • Air India – AI 349, AI 665, AI636, AI102, AI624, AI805, AI602, AI317, AI887, AI657, AI865, AI863, AI24, AI 441,
  • Jet Airways – 9W-352, 9W-384, 9W-304, 9W-332, 9W-336, 9W-373, 9W-362, 9W-334, 9W-356, 9W-312, 9W-352, 9W-384, 9W-302, 9W-358, 9W-316, 9W-340, 9W-308
  • Timing – round a clock



Hyderabad to Aurangabad mostly flights comes via Mumbai. Direct flight is very few

  • Air India – AI 620, AI616, AI51, AI618, AI559, AI543
  • Jet Airways – 9W-349, 9W-7081, 9W-7019, 9W-452, 9W-7080, 9W-458, 9W-349, 9W-602, 9W-458
  • Timing – round a clock

Booking of flight tickets here on the government Official web-site:

Air India

Jet Airways

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