The Symposium will be open to disciplines such as Language, Literature, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Theology, History, History of Arts and Multidisciplinary Studies. Abstracts are welcome in the following topic strands or other related topics:


Language and Multilingual Community

Multicultural Society and Language Diversity

Comparative Language, Literature and Cultural Studies

Language, Culture and Translation

Role of English and Asian Languages in Globalised Contexts

Language, Identity and Culture

Multilingualism and Language Policy


Understanding Culture through Literary Texts

The Relationship between Time, Space and Culture

Impact of Literature on Changing Aspects of Culture

Cultural Conflicts in Post-colonial Literature


Fields of Cultural Interaction

Popular Culture

Representations of Culture and Identity in Social Media

Material Culture

Immigrant Culture

Ethnic Identity and Minority Culture

Refugees and Forced Migration

Diaspora Culture

The Impact of Body Politics on Culture

Social Gender and Culture

Multinationality in Contemporary Societies

Identity and Multiculturalism

Myths, Symbols and Signs

Traditions, Customs and Rituals

Culture in the Process of Modernisation

Food and Cuisine in Culture

Collective Memory

Museums, Libraries and Collections as Cultural Archive Resources

Interaction between Culture and Religion

Understanding Culture through Visual and Performance Arts

Ethnic Fashion

Ethnical Orientations in Contemporary Fashion Design

Intercultural Communication

Media and Culture

Understanding Culture through Classical Texts

Cultural Changes in History

Discussions on Identity, History, Culture and Nationalism